•.¸(`*•.¸(`*•.¸★¸.•*´)¸.•*´)¸.•*´★  ★ SURPRISE RELEASE 🌟🌟🎨 #DAMAGED! is NOW #LIVE!!! ★ 🎨 ★Bestselling @AuthorJSScott.



🎨 #DAMAGED! is NOW #LIVE!!! ★ 🎨 ★

🌟From NY Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today

Bestselling @AuthorJSScott.
Comes the anticipated last novel in The Walker Brothers Series!.

My name is Dane Walker, and I’m entirely, irrevocably damaged. I lost my whole life in the plane crash that killed my father and left me scarred, both physically and emotionally, barely clinging to life in a hospital as the sole survivor of the accident.. I wasn’t fit to function in the city, so I moved to my own private island in the Bahamas to lick my wounds alone. 

I’d spent my adult life building up my solitary existence on Walker’s Cay. 
I was fine with being by myself. 
I was resigned to my fate. 
But then I met her. 
My brothers sent her; I wanted to send her away. 
But…I couldn’t. 

Something about Kenzie Jordan reminds me of myself. She’s broken just like me. I want to save her from whatever secrets she’s hiding. She was handed a pretty raw deal in life, and she’s the strongest woman I’ve ever known. I couldn’t leave her alone on the streets somewhere, so I decided to keep her, even though it costed me my peace of mind. 
Sure, I wanted Kenzie in my bed. The white-hot chemistry has been there since the moment I saw her. But she leaves me craving something…more. 
I thought I was helping Kenzie…until I wasn’t. Turns out, we may end up saving each other. She’s the cure for my profound loneliness. Can a messed up, solitary man like me ever be enough for a woman like her? I hope so, because I don’t plan on ever letting her go…


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To celebrate the release of DAMAGED!, Author J.S. Scott is giving her fans the opportunity to download the first book in the series for FREE!! 
****This offer is valid for a limited time only.

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